An outdoor graduation ceremony was held in Medina last night with parents, students, and staff joining in celebration of this exciting milestone in a young persons life.

In three different groups, students moved on and off the field, with presentations from the valedictorian and salutatorian coming last.

(Principal Michael Cavanagh stands for a photo before the graduation ceremony begins.)

Principal Michael Cavanagh noted difficulties in creating a safe but memorable environment for graduating students.  “We tried to wait until the last possible minute to make the final decisions because the guidance was constantly changing.  As soon as they gave us the guidance that we could have outdoor ceremonies for up to 150 people, then we set a plan in place.” 

Valedictorian Nate Sherman spoke to the class of 2020, using the field’s digital screen, stating, “The world is your oyster.  Meaning, we are young, we can do anything we put our minds to because we certainly have the ability.”

(Students watch head of the class Nate Sherman speak. Sherman will attend Canisius in the fall for Biochemistry.)

Additionally, Sherman advised his classmates to leave fearlessly, “The best piece of advice I could give, is embrace the uncertainty.  Embrace that uncomfortable feeling.  If we can learn to become comfortable with being uncomfortable then we will never be struck down by fear.”

Salutatorian Margaret Klotzbach delivered her own words of inspiration for Medina’s graduating class.  She announced, “I can’t speak in absolutes, but I thoroughly believe we will make it through this.  That we will rise to the challenges set before us as we have so many times before.  We have not allowed this pandemic to define us, we never gave up.  We have come back united through our shared grief, but we have also come back united in our resilience.”

(Michelle Klotzbach’s speech plays for the field of graduates. Klotzbach will be attending Niagara University in the fall pursuing a degree in Computer Information Science.)

Lastly, Klotzback noted, “Now, together as one, we will leave here and go our separate ways.  After being separated for quite some time now, this moment that we are sharing together feels so much more important.”