Medina Mayor Warns Residents of Fraudulent Company Falsely Claiming Collections for Village Water Bills

A message from Medina Mayor Mike Sidari on a possible financial scam in our area:

“The Village of Medina has received complaints from village residents of a company offering to take credit card payments for water bills.  The company name is The village does not utilize any outside third party firm for collection of any fees, bills or taxes (other than Medex the billing company for the ambulance) due the village and warns residents that any request for payments  from other than the village or Medex should be considered fraudulent.

“All fees, bills and taxes due the village (other than Medex) can be made in person at the village clerk’s office on Park Avenue utilizing cash, check or credit card.  In addition, payments can be made by credit card by phoning the village clerk’s office at 585-798-0710.”