Middleport Village Board Announces New Public Use Wireless Hotspot, No Cost to Taxpayer

A message from the Middleport Village Board:

“There’s a new hotspot in the Village!!!!  Well, it’s an internet hotspot, it went live this past Friday, and it’s open to the public for use. If you’re near the Village Hall (24 Main Street) and you need to get online for….reasons…. fear not!  You no longer have to rely on your phone’s data plan to look up whatever it is… settle an argument, do some research, check for info on your favorite Village restaurant or business, or see when the Clerk’s Office is open. Whatever it is that you need to go online for, we’ve just made it easier for you in the Central Business District of the Village!

“Due to an opportunity presented to the Village – at zero cost to us since the hardware and service were donated by Microsoft to help ease internet issues during this COVID-19 pandemic (Thanks, Microsoft!!!) – we were able to take advantage of being an internet hotspot, with a range within about 300 feet from the hardware installed at Village Hall. So, if the kids need an internet signal for schoolwork or you need one for work, stop by in front of the Hall or in the back parking lot to take advantage of the hotspot. The signal may even reach the parking lot across from the Fire Hall! Just go online using “Middleport Hotspot” for your connection.  It’s as easy as that!

“We’d like to thank NC Legislator Dave Godfrey & the Niagara-Orleans Regional Alliance – Rural Broadband Initiative for letting us know about this fantastic opportunity and making it a reality for us!”