Lockport School Board Members Voted Into Service — Cheatham, Kershaw, Hare and Sandell Declared Winners

Renee Cheatham, Martha Kershaw, Heather Hare, and Ed Sandell won their contests for postions on the Lockport School Board yesterday evening.

(A message on the Lockport School District’s website.)

Each winning candidate took time to communicate appreciation and thanks for those who voted – among other remarks:

Renee Cheatham (3 year term) – “First, I would like to thank God for this opportunity to serve as a Trustee of the Lockport City School District.  A district where I have spent my entire life.  I started my journey at Roy B. Kelly and Emmet Belknap Jr High, and am a proud graduate of Lockport Senior High, the class of 1981.  This city is who I am.

“My love for my community is what drives me to want the best for each and every child in this community.  God has blessed me with this opportunity to be an advocate for our kids, a voice where it is needed now more than ever.

“I want to thank my candidates Teria Royster Young , Jon Wiley and Paula Halladay Travis for their hard work and dedication they have shown to this election. Each one is a winner to me because they have the same drive and passion that I have, and it has always been about our children.  I love you guys.”

Heather Hare (3 year term) – “The budget passed! Thank you to all who voted in this first-of-its-kind election. Local elections are the ones where our votes are heard the loudest, and there is nothing more local than our schools. Thank you for re-electing me. I look forward to working with my fellow winning candidates, Renee Cheatham, Martha Kershaw, and Ed Sandell, as well as the current board members. We have a tough few years ahead of us, but I feel confident we will weather this and make our schools even better with each year. Thank you, Tom Fiegl for your 15 years of service. Enjoy retirement (again) — you’ve earned it!”

Martha Kershaw (3 year term) – “Thank you to everyone who voted – the 2020-2021 Lockport City School Budget passes!  Congratulations to Renee Cheatham, Heather Hare, and Ed Sandell.  I am so happy to have the opportunity to work with all of them and continue as a Trustee on the Lockport City School Board.”

Ed Sandell (2 year term) – “I think the election turned out great for the future of the school board. I did get to meet a few of the various candidates like Jon Wiley and Mike Ferarro, and I was just very impressed with their perspectives.  They weren’t running for some benign reason, they were running to make a difference, and I can commend them for that, for sure.”

Lastly, Sandell provided detailed insight on being an effective board member. “The thing about being a board member, it is about the committees.  You see the end of the process at the board meetings.  You don’t see all the work that went into it; reading all of the materials, attending all of the committee meetings, and preparing recommendations for the board.”