Cuomo Gives FINAL COVID Update — “From Worst to First”

Governor Cuomo gave his final COVID-19 update devoid of the usual graphs, charts, and multi-person panels to which viewers have grown accustomed.

Firstly, he addressed the data, “The hospitalization number is 1,284, the lowest we have seen.  We conducted 79,000 tests yesterday, which is a record high for us, and we have the lowest weekly infection rate – less than one percent.  We also have lowest weekly average of lives lost – 25 souls each day, and we’ll remember them in our thoughts and prayers.” 

Additionally, the Governor noted, “COVID is not over, we still have much more to do.  We have to monitor the local infection rate.  The local governments must ensure compliance and do tracing.  Also, we have to watch for a second wave, and watch out for possible infections coming in from other states.”

Shifting to praise for New York’s comeback from COVID, he discussed the journey, “When this started, we had more cases per capita than any state in the country, or any nation on the globe, but today we have done a full 180.  From worst to first.”

Lastly, the Governor noted, “We are controlling the virus better than any state in the country, and any nation on the globe.  Even more, by reducing the infection rate, we saved over 100,000 people from being hospitalized and possibly dying.  It is an unimaginable achievement.  I am so glad at what we have all done together.”