A Letter from Mike Norris to Governor Cuomo — “Baseball and softball lends itself to social distancing.”

Dear Governor:

“I am writing on behalf of the many youth sport participants and families in my district that have reached out to my office to express their frustration and concern with recent guidelines that precludes youth baseball and softball practice from commencing until July 6th. I appreciate your consideration to immediately allow youth baseball and softball practices to resume immediately.

“Baseball and softball lends itself to social distancing and unlike football, basketball, hockey or lacrosse, players are naturally positioned to spread across the field and have little interaction with other players. For the few situations where players might have close interaction with one another, appropriate sanitation procedures would assist in alleviating concerns in those instances.

“In preparation for a reopen, many youth baseball and softball leagues have already put in place protocols and rules to maintain the health and safety of players, coaches and families.

“In addition, there is concern about the reduction in physical activity of many New Yorkers during this pandemic and the negative impact that shutdowns have had on our physical and mental health. Youth baseball and softball practice gives our youth an opportunity to compete and exercise in a controlled environment.”