“That’s 290 days and counting,” says Cuomo on Police Reform Legislation Deadline — Leans on Local Municipalities to Create New Policy

The Governor gave his daily briefing today, initially addressing a push for police reform throughout the State of New York.

Proposing a landslide of local legislation panning across the state, the Governor said, “Every community now has to come to the table as a collaborative.  Local leadership, police, and community activists and redesign their public safety function.”

Subsequently, the Governor added a deadline, “How do we take this moment and actually institutionalize it to have progress.  That is going to require local leaders to come to the table.  We want a new design for public safety in their community.  We want it by April 1st.  We want it to be legislated by April 1st.”

Lastly, Cuomo remarked on his envisioning of the process, saying, “The Mayor can do it, the City Council President can do it, someone else can do it.  In every city and every county throughout this state, start coming to the table and design the plan for the future.”