Cornell Cooperative Extension Has BBQ Chicken Fundraiser for 4-H Donations

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Niagara County gave out $11 barbeque chicken plates in Lockport today; with an option to donate extra funds in support of the local 4-H Youth Group.

CCE Board Member and Fair Committee Chairman Brian Waters remarked on the event, “Normally, we do it when we have our Niagara County Fair.  This year, we are not having the fair, so we’re doing it now.”  He added, “It’s been hard with COVID this year.”

(Board Member for CCE Larry Waters talks about the importance of 4-H groups.)

Lastly, Waters said he was happy to be able to do something, anything really, to help keep local 4-H groups stay strong and active, stating, “We are very happy to support 4-H and program activities through the cooperative extension.” 

The Cornell Cooperative Extension’s leadership is devised of 13 members.  There are 11 who are elected from varying communities in Niagara County; 1 appointed from the Niagara County Legislature; and 1 appointed from Cornell University.

The next cookout is on July 31st.  If you missed this one, feel free to stop by and support your local 4-H next time around.