Community Liaison to Medina School District Unveils Changes in Progress at Peaceful Protest

Both local officials and community members marched in tandem with peaceful demonstrators from Rotary Park to State Street Park in Medina yesterday evening.

Cheryl Brady-Thompson, a lead organizer and lifelong resident of Medina, discussed the peaceful march before launching from its starting point.  “We have more in common than we think, and we need to open up the discussion,” Cheryl said, adding, “There are going to be hurt feelings.  There are going to be things said, but we have to do that.”

(Organizer Cheryl Brady-Thompson takes the stage with Mayor Sidari.)

Cheryl was a leading link in getting officials from the Medina School District, Police Department, and Village Board all in attendance.

Medina’s Mayor Mike Sidari spoke to the crowd upon reaching State Street Park, proclaiming, “We as a state, as a county, as a village and community; we must acknowledge any imbalance between all races, colors, and creeds.”  He added, “I know if I talk to fifty different people here tonight, I’ll get fifty different issues at one time.  We need to sit down and prioritize.  We need to see what we can do first.”

(Mayor Mike Sidari and Organizer Anita Chinn lead the way as the march begins.)

Lastly, the Mayor remarked, “I know she (Cheryl Brady-Thompson) wants us to have further discussion on this issue.  I assured her, and I assure all of you, that my door is always open, my heart is always open, and my mind is always open.”

Dan Doctor, Community Outreach Liaison for Medina Central School District, was also in attendance.  Addressing the crowd, he explained, “There are so many things going on in this community that just makes me tired.” 

(Doctor’s resume includes: Teacher, Principal, and Business Owner. His voice has been a powerful one in Medina over the years on a variety of topics.)

Doctor posed a question, “How come we are not targeting and getting people of color to work in our school system?”  Although, he revealed things may soon alter, “There’s about to be a change within the confines of our school district,” Doctor said, adding that “eyes have now been opened.”