Niagara County Historical Society Back in Action, Platforms Detailed Baseball Collection

Terry Abrams, Curator and Collections Manager at Niagara County Historical Society, gave tours today upon the reopening of their gallery at 215 Niagara Street in Lockport.

The Historical Society’s presence reaches beyond just one gallery.  Abrams explained, “We have three sites.  This here is our main campus.  We get quite a few people at the Erie Canal Discovery Center, too, our second area, and the third site is the Colonel William Bond House over on Ontario Street.”

(Abrams explained: “These are interesting.  These are pictures from two different eras, and while not all the same members are in both photos, some of them are.”)

Lastly, Abrams shared how the sudden onset of COVID-19 affected his organization’s calendar. “It’s been a challenge,” he said, adding, “We usually do school tours, but those have been cancelled, and that’s another source of funding that we’ve lost.”

(Abrams shows the first stop at this location. A room with information and interactive learning tools talks about Lockport history.)
(Abrams shows old uniforms from 1970’s Lockport Semi-Pro Baseball Team.)