Norris Signs Letter Promoting Safe Graduation Ceremonies for High School Seniors

Assemblyman Mike Norris made a statement today on giving graduating seniors some sense of normalcy while practicing proper practices in the promotion of public health.

Norris proclaimed, “If people can shop at big box stores – then our high school seniors and their families certainly deserve a high school graduation ceremony which encompasses proper social distancing and sanitation procedures!”

Lastly, Norris said, “Honored to sign on to this important conference letter!”

In the letter from Barclay’s Office, he discusses some return to normalcy for students, whose regular schedule has been largely affected with the onset of a national pandemic.

“The impact of COVID-19 on New York’s students has been especially jarring, as valuable classroom time disappeared, social routines were disrupted, and students were forced to miss out on many benefits of student life. Let’s give them back this one, important event and try to fill some of the void left by this terrible pandemic,” said Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay. “We believe with proper planning and execution these events could safely be hosted in the near future and provide some much-needed normalcy in these trying times.”

The Assembly Minority’s letter points out traditional graduation ceremonies would provide a sense of closure for students who were so abruptly removed from their regular academic experiences and have worked tirelessly to achieve educational excellence.