Chairman Wydysh Gets Down to Business, Talks Trade at Canadian Border

Becky Wydysh addressed concerns on the economic downturn in international trade with Canada since restrictions froze all border crossings to essential only lasting until June 21. 

“I want everyone to know that I will be part of a binational video conference happening this Friday.”  Wydysh stated earlier today, adding, “We’ll be discussing many of these issues coming up that we can foresee with our businesses, and how the reopening process might happen.”

Lastly, she noted, “We’ll have key leaders from Niagara County, Niagara Falls, and of course, Canadian officials as well.”

Concerning business conducted solely on this side of the border, Wydysh remarked, “Yesterday, Phase 2 began in Western New York Region, including Niagara County, officially.”  She added, “I just want to remind everyone that Phase 2 includes offices, real estate, some instore retail, vehicle sales leases and rental, retail rental repair and cleaning, commercial building management, hair salons, and barber shops.”

The Niagara County Chairman said on businesses who were listed, but have not yet opened their doors, “Remember, just because something was allowed to open in Phase 2 doesn’t meant that it did, and certainly for many reasons.”  She added, “Some businesses were not ready to meet their safety plan yet.  Maybe it did not make economic sense to open when they had to limit capacities and hours, and things like that.  Maybe it’s for health reasons that they’ve decided not to move forward.”

Wydysh encouraged business owners with any questions on reopening to contact the Niagara County Center of Economic Development.  The number is (716) 278-8750, or check out for more information.