Politicians, Protestors and Police Join Together in Lockport — Mayor Roman Discusses Troy Hodge Case

Nationwide tensions over police misconduct against minorities made its mark in Lockport, N.Y. today, as protestors, police, county legislators, councilmen and the Mayor herself came together in an effort to communicate and mend relations.

Mayor Roman, who was on scene early offering masks to anyone who wanted them, stated on the event: “I appreciate that they are going to do some peaceful protesting on a cause that is necessary.”

Mayor Michelle Roman took a knee today at the protest in Lockport, N.Y.

She also mentioned the case of Troy Hodge, a local man who died in police custody after a loved one reported his adverse reaction to a psychiatric medication.  The medication reportedly induced an agitated state from the onset of unexpected hallucinations. 

Roman wanted to reassure the family and loved ones that the investigation is ongoing: “Nobody has forgotten Troy and we are just waiting on the Attorney General’s report.”

It wasn’t uncommon to see protestors and officers having peaceful discussion.

Mark Devine also attended, remarking on the evening, “I think the people deserve their right to come out and let us know how they feel.  That is what government is all about, and we should be listening.”

Desiree Nicole Crenshaw, City of Lockport resident and one of the evening’s loudest advocates of peaceful demonstration, stated, “People are upset because of the way you respond. If you see an officer doing something wrong, stand up.”