Some Shops Get Back to Business in Medina, Owners Elated to Reconnect with Community

A bit of normalcy returned to Medina today, as businesses approved for Phase 2 opened their doors to customers for the first time in several weeks.

Angela Vadenbosch-Waldriff, Owner of Ashlee’s Place on East Avenue in Medina, said, “I feel excited.  I feel like it is a grand opening again.  I mean, I couldn’t sleep last night.  I was all nervous and excited as to how it was going to be and what to predict.”  On sales, Angela added, “I have done very well so far today. Everyone is excited to be in the store again and shopping.  It’s good!”

Herbalty Cottage Owner Bonnie Heck conveyed excitement, and an eagerness to reconnect with clients.  She explained, “We’re excited to see our customers and our clients.  We miss them!  We just appreciate their love and support during the weeks we’ve been closed.”

At the Downtown Broswery in Medina, a setting designed to host other small businesses, store operator Liz Groat was pleased to reopen that space for local sellers. 

Groat stated on the business, whose main facility is in Albion, “Between the two stores, we have seventy vendors.  A lot of it is made local and handcrafted.  The cool thing is, that for people who could not open a store on their own, it gives them an opportunity to come in and have their own little 8×8 to 10×10 space to sell their goods.”

The Book Shoppe is also back in action, Owner Gloria Fierch had this to say, “It’s just great to be open again!  This has been difficult considering we just took ownership of the Book Shoppe in December, but we are excited to be back and doing what we love!”

Scott Robinson of the Medina Area Partnership weighed in, expressing his happiness to see a few things bounce back, and people following the suggested safety measures. 

Robinson said, “I think it’s great. As long as the science and data confirms it to be safe, and everyone sticks with the suggested safety protocols, like masks with social distancing, it’s wonderful to see.”