Senator Ortt Unloads on Albany — Demands Check on Governor’s Powers, Condemns Mandates for Nursing Homes

Senator Rob Ortt made an appearance today, blasting New York Democrats in both the Senate and Assembly for not putting forth a fair plan allowing County Legislatures in New York State to have a say in their response to this pandemic, and the upcoming reopening.

Ortt immediately confronted nursing home mandates set forth by the Governor.  “The issue we’re talking about with deaths in nursing homes, make no mistake that is in large part directly attributable to the Executive Order put forward by the Governor.”

The Senator used his own legislative territory as a primary example, stating, “Where I represent, over half the total number of deaths are in nursing homes within western New York.  In Orleans County there is a nursing home that accounts for 90 plus percent ff the total deaths in that county.  This is directly a result of policies enacted by Executive Order of Governor Cuomo.

Additionally, Ortt discussed a rejected resolution from the Senate Minority allowing some legislative control.  In addition, the resolution from Ortt and colleagues had requested a more expansive relief package for small businesses. 

Ortt said that the resolution “was rejected by the majority.”  He added that without some resolution like the one rejected, “There is no oversight of these orders, there is no oversight of these policies, and that’s how you end up in a place where we have over so many nursing home deaths in New York State.”

Currently, the Majority’s chosen resolutions are endowing Governor Cuomo with even more powers during an emergency crisis, according to Ortt.  This includes more flexibility to make unmonitored decisions with the state’s budget.

Concerning this abdication of duly elected local authority to a centralized power in Albany, Ortt sent a message to Democrat colleagues:

“They are fully content to let the Governor make all the hard decisions and accept the blame because they don’t have the political courage to do what their constituents elected them to do.”

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