Medina Residents Show Concern Online Over Lawn Fines, “Thankless Job” Exists to “Protect All of Our Properties,” Mayor Explains

A message from Medina Mayor Mike Sidari on fines for overgrown lawns:

“I understand that there is some village bashing going on here on Facebook about the 150 violations for property maintenance, particularly long grass.

“These notices have gone out on a yearly basis, sometimes more, sometimes less.  This is done by the Village Code Enforcement officer. This is not done to fine property owner’s; it is done to continue to keep our neighborhoods looking presentable.

“If you were to receive one of these letters and you mowed the lawn prior to receiving the notice, there is nothing to worry about. After a second check, for those who do not comply, we give the address to the contractor to mow. If lawn still needs mowing when the contractor mows the lawn, the property owners will be charged a fee.  If it is mowed, no problems

“So, what could happen if this thankless job did not take place?  We would be seeing several pieces of property around the village with very high grass and I will be getting complaints about that.

“My father was a Code Enforcement Officer in Albion. I know first-hand how hated the position is to those who are issued violation notices. We just have to remember that the laws are in place to protect all of our properties.”

Mike Sidari-Mayor