Benedict Beautifies in North Tonawanda with Family, Works with Community Group ‘Project Pride’

Candidate for Niagara County Judge Mike Benedict is a versatile man in the courtroom; with a history as a prosecutor, defense attorney, and the current confidential law clerk to Niagara County Judge Sara Sheldon, he’s certainly made his mark in the area’s legal community.

Today that versatility was tested, as Mike and his family made their way to Oliver Street, ready for some gardening and beautification in tandem with ‘North Tonawada’s Project Pride’.

Benedict plants flowers in North Tonawanda with his son.

“Today my family helped North Tonawanda’s Project Pride with their annual beautification along the Oliver St Corridor.  Every year the group – which consists of residents, business owners, and flower enthusiasts – raises money to help make North Tonawanda a little brighter.  A fantastic example of how community members can make a large impact.”  Benedict said about the day, adding, “Afterward we took a few minutes to reflect at the Children’s Remembrance Gardenwalk.”

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