Cuomo Talks Massive Infrastructure Efforts for New York City’s Subways, Trains, and Bridges — Plans Hydro and Solar Energy Projects ‘Upstate’ for Syphoning to Downstate Region

Governor Andrew Cuomo gave his briefing from the newly reopened New York Stock Exchange in Lower Manhattan today, explaining moving forward as “we turn the page on COVID-19”.

“We want that economy to come roaring back,” the Governor said, adding that he has a plan to ‘supercharge’ our financial markets.   

He explained his position that while the economy will naturally bounce back on its own, (once released to do so,) it will not bounce back to that same height.   It will not be “like a basketball” it will be “more like a football” in terms of how it begins that upward trajectory, the Governor said.

The Governor’s solution is a series of infrastructure projects planned mostly for the region within and immediately surrounding New York City.

Governor Cuomo gave two separate lists of infrastructure projects.  One list with full state-funded projects, another that he deems will require federal aid.

List 1: (State-Funded) (a) Enhancing development with the ongoing ‘Empire’ projects at Penn Station. (b) The complete revitalization of LaGuardia Airport into the New LaGuardia Airport. (c) Upgrades on powerlines linking New York City and any Niagara Falls Hydroelectric resources.  (d) The construction of more solar fields in upstate New York.

List 2: (Federally Funded) (a) A train to LaGuardia Airport. (b) Cross Hudson Tunnels. (c) Second Avenue Subway expansion.

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