‘Potential Financial Deficits’ Slows Down Services in Lockport Says Mayor Roman

City of Lockport Mayor Michelle Roman released a statement today, asking for patience from the public as seasonal workers have been axed from their usual employment this time of year:

“Please be patient. Due to potential financial deficits, the city of Lockport is not hiring seasonal workers. Seasonal workers allow us to provide services or maintain services like trimming, tree services, park services and programs, etc….

“This week was our yard waste pick up, but we could not get the chipper around to get the big items. We began milling for our first round and did not have the personnel needed to do both. They will be around next week with the chipper. We apologize for inconveniences this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

“Our workers have been doing their best and we appreciate all their efforts. Summer brings many more projects and issues, which is the reasoning behind additional seasonal workers. Our workers will continue to provide quality services to our city but may need additional time to get them accomplished. City Hall is closed to the public still but continue city services. You may contact the offices directly to answer any questions you may have. If you have any questions or Concerns, please contact us.”