Niagara’s Sheriff Reports 3 Recovered Staff Back at Work from COVID-19, 0 Inmate Infections Detected – Thanks Community for Outpouring of Support

Sheriff Filicetti took the floor earlier this week with update wingman Lieutenant Tom Huff, reporting on staff/inmate infections while thanking the community for their support and donations.

Filicetti stated, “One thing that I’d like to say:  We have about 340 employees.  We’ve had about 22 COVID-19 tests on those employees, with a total of 3 positive results.  Those employees “are back to work and healthy,” Filicetti said, adding, “The whole goal for us was keeping our staff, inmates, and the public as safe as possible.  I think over the last two to three months we’ve accomplished that goal.”

The Niagara County Sheriff also made sure to thank supporters.  “They’ve been tremendous,” he said, adding, “There has been food, subs, cinnamon rolls, pizza… It has been amazing.”

Additionally, Filicetti remarked, “I think the sentiment is that they want to thank us for coming in and doing our jobs.  Whether It be watching the inmates, answering phones, or being on the road.” 

He added that in light of all the food, Niagara’s finest have gained a couple of “COVID pounds” so feel free to donate some of those delicious goods to Niagara County’s multiple local pantries.