Hometown Heroes Hits Middleport, Village Board Makes Statement of Gratitude to Generous Community

Middleport has a long history of residents serving their country, leading to the Village and individual community members to annually honor that patriotism, placing banners detailing the service of locally enlisted heroes throughout their historic downtown.

It has become tradition in many communities to honor the sacrifices and heroics of locally enlisted men and women with banners detailing their service.
The banners are sponsored by family, friends, and organizations.

The Middleport Village Board was happy to announce the release of this tribute:

“Well, events and the weather have FINALLY cooperated enough that the Hometown Heroes banners are going up!

“A huge thank you to Village Historian, Christa Lutz, for all her hard work and efforts organizing this fantastic salute to our homegrown military personnel.

“Thanks, as well, to the Village’s Public Works Department for all they have done to get these banners in place.

“Last, but not least, a huge thank you for the support from all the people who believed in this project & purchased or donated towards these banners.  What a generous community we have.

“May we all enjoy the beauty and sense of pride these banners add to our little Village.”