WNY’s Five-County Region Set for Reopen – Region Adds 352 Contact Tracers in One Day

Governor Andrew Cuomo took questions during his daily briefing today, discussing western New York’s go-ahead to begin ‘Phase 1’ and start reopening on Tuesday.

The Governor said, “We have the numbers for what the three-day rolling average should be.”  Turning the floor to Melissa DeRosa, Secretary to the Governor, she noted, “It’s based on the last three days.  What we have been very clear on, is that once we hit May 15th, and as soon as a region met the benchmarks, they could enter Phase 1.”

Furthermore, she noted which metrics changed. “The numbers that I gave you, the negative 6 on the hospitalizations, and the 2 on the deaths for the three-day rolling average, which is what allowed them to enter Phase 1.”

One reporter asked how the WNY region closed a 352 gap in contact tracers from yesterday to today, DeRosa stated, “The great work of our County Executives.” 

Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul, who was also on the briefing panel, gave an example:

“In Niagara County we have fifty sheriffs that have been identified.  So, we have really enlisted the public servants from the five-county region.  They really stepped up and have been participating from the very beginning.  They take a four-hour training course and will be ready for launch tonight.”