Enhanced Testing Capabilities in Niagara County Cuts Infection Rate by Half, Wydysh Thanks Sheriff’s Office

“We know that 7600 people have been tested so far in Niagara County.  That’s 1300 more since just Friday.” Dan Stapleton said during a briefing with Niagara County Chairman Becky Wydysh.

Stapleton said, “The testing came a little late to Niagara County, but our capabilities in that area have dramatically increased.” He added, “When we first started this, our positive rate was hovering around 20%.  Now with more people having the testing done, we’re down to about 10%.”

This knowledge of who is infected and where has allowed Niagara County’s Public Health Department to tailor their response appropriately to COVID-19 throughout the area. Ultimately, cutting the curve and allowing the region to reopen.

Another metric, apart from cutting the infection rate, was increasing the amount of Niagara County COVID-19 contact tracers. In order to meet this need, the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office stepped up in a big way according to Wydysh:

“I certainly want to send a personal thank you out to Sheriff Filicetti and his team who really helped us over the weekend put that last piece into place.”

Personnel from the Sheriff’s Office decided to solve the issue of contact tracers by offering individuals already trained to investigate.

Lastly, she remarked, “The intention is probably not likely that they will need to perform these tracing duties, as the Department of Public Health is handling that currently and maintaining the caseload. Although, should we need to utilize that team, they will be more than capable of handling that process for us.”