Another Request Sent to Governor’s Office for State Aid at Albion Nursing Home — “This is unacceptable!” says Letter

“Dear Governor, Cuomo

“We are writing once again regarding the Village of Orleans Nursing Home located in Albion, Orleans County.  To date, the nursing home has 19 COVID-19 deaths and a total of 75 positive cases, the County totals are 143 positive cases and 20 deaths, which means the nursing home has 55% of the positive cases and 95% of the deaths, this is unacceptable!

“We receive many calls a day from relatives frantic about the safety and well-being of their loved ones.  We have had over 25 staff who reached out to us regarding the operations of the nursing home.  We are sure you are as passionate as we are about ensuring that residents of this home receive the care, respect and comfort they deserve.  We strongly believe these residents deserve the highest quality of care warranted.

“After letters, emails and call to your office, NYSDOH and the Attorney General’s Office to conduct an in-depth investigation, we appeal again to “make something meaning for happen”.  Short of requesting the National Guard being called up, we are at a loss of where to go next as the number continue to rise.  Please contact our offices if you wish to discuss this further.”