Niagara’s Legislature Sends Salute to Correctional Officers – Proclaims Week Dedicated to Their Efforts

The Niagara County Legislature met this week, and first on their agenda, a proclamation of respect and gratitude for correctional officers. 

Chairman Becky Wydysh read off the proclamation for a ‘Zoom’ connected Niagara County Legislature:

“Whereas, correctional officers are trained law enforcement professionals dedicated to maintaining safe correctional facilities and ensuring the public safety.

“Whereas, correctional facilities across the U.S. both civilian and military, public and private, adult and juvenile are run by highly qualified and experienced individuals, with a deep understanding of the challenges within the profession.

“Whereas, correctional officers are responsible for the custody, care, and rehabilitation of thousands of offenders every year, as well as the maintenance of maintenance of safe and secure facilities.

“Whereas, correctional officers are resourceful, capable, committed, patient, and persistent professional in criminal justice and our nation.

“Whereas, all correctional officers across the United States are recognized for their efforts with the observance of ‘National Corrections Officers’ Week’.

“Now, therefore be it resolved, that the Niagara County Legislature, in honor of all correctional officers in this great county, does hereby officially proclaim May 3rd – May 9th, 2020 as ‘Niagara County Corrections Officers Week’.”

Apart from the proclamation, Wydysh remarked that these professionals are “part of our first responder team if you will, our frontline heroes.  People who are in that facility each and every day who are working in close proximity to others, concerned about their health and safety, of course, and not just during this time.  Every day of every year they are in their working hard for us.”