Niagara County Legislature to Appoint Meghan Lutz As Commissioner of Social Services

The Niagara County Legislature has reached a bi-partisan agreement to appoint Meghan Lutz as Commissioner of the Department of Social Services.  Lutz had been serving as interim commissioner since the retirement of Anthony Restaino in January.

“Meghan Lutz has been running the Social Services Department during this most challenging time of COVID-19 and has done so admirably,” said Legislator Anthony Nemi, Chair of the Administration Committee.  “We have received many letters from the employees in her department supporting her, and given the unique challenges that lie ahead, we put a high value on continuity of leadership.”

Lutz previously served as the Deputy Commissioner of Social Services and before that was head of the Niagara County Youth Bureau.

“Meghan Lutz was the leading candidate for this position from day one based on her talent and her experience in Niagara County,” said Legislator Jesse Gooch, Chairman of the Community Services Committee.  “Given that the entire Legislature is very impressed with her performance and that we are immediately faced significant budget and service delivery decisions as a result of the pandemic, it was important to give Meghan the permanent authority to run Social Services.”

The Legislature is expected to unanimously appoint Lutz during its meeting Tuesday night.

“What better job interview can you have than leading a department through a generational crisis while still having to deliver important services to some of our most needy families,” said Legislator Anita Mullane, member of the Community Services Committee.  “Meghan is a great example of someone who progressed through Niagara County government so her institutional knowledge is particularly valuable during a time like this.”