Data Revealed Shows Niagara County as Top Tier Place to do Business — Andres Calls County an ‘Economic Powerhouse’

Richard Andres, Legislator and Economic Development Committee Chair, sat down with Committee Commissioner Michael Casale for a briefing on Niagara County’s economic development in recent years, revealing that Niagara County’s GCP growth is the highest in western New York.

“We see how quickly things change,” said Andres, adding, “We were doing remarkable things building up to this crisis. It’s pretty remarkable to see what an unbelievable economic powerhouse we have in this county.”

With the highest GCP growth in the western New York, according to the most recent data, Niagara County’s GCP peaked at over 10 billion dollars. 

Andres delivered a message of hope and faith in Niagara County’s strong economic foundations.  “This is quite an accomplishment for our business community.” He added, “We will soon see a return of visitors to our tourist areas.  Our farmers remain an important source of healthy local food.  Our manufacturers are providing new supply chain opportunities, and our health and human services industry is working around the clock to ensure our residents stay healthy.”

Lastly, Andres made clear how he feels about Niagara County post-COVID-19, stating, “In short, we have right here in Niagara County the tools we need to succeed.”