‘Toxic Shock-Like Syndrome’ Being Studied in COVID-19 Infected Children

During his daily briefing, Governor Cuomo addressed new data on the possible impact from COVID-19 in some young people, stating, “We were laboring under the impression that young people were not affected by COVID-19.” 

He expanded, “Hospitals have reported 73 cases of what they think may be a COVID-related illness in children – mostly toddler to elementary school age – with symptoms similar to Kawasaki Disease and toxic shock-like symptoms.”  The Governor added, “I think that’s one of the reasons why this may be getting discovered this far into the process.”

The Governor explained that while COVID-19 presents itself in the form of respiratory distress with older patients, in younger patients “it’s more an inflimation of the blood vessels, which can cause problems with the heart.”

Releasing confirmed fatalities of young patients infected with COVID-19 and exhibited these symptoms before passing, Cuomo stated, “The illness has taken the lives of three young New Yorker’s.”  The Governor added this research is still “new and it’s developing.”

Lastly, as a response to these findings, the New York State Department of Health and the CDC are working in tandem to “develop the national criteria for identifying and responding to this syndrome.  According to the Governor, some of this will involve “genome sequencing studies to better understand the disease, and the possible genetic basis of this syndrome.”