Senator Ortt and Assemblyman Hawley Await Any Response from Governor on Mobile Testing Facility

In a letter released to Governor Cuomo, Assemblyman Hawley and Senator Ortt made the case to give Orleans County the testing resources it needs:

“We are writing to request the placement of a drive-thru COVID-19 testing facility in the County of Orleans.  A drive-thru testing facility would help track and treat COVID-19 in a count that has suffered from a lack of testing since the outbreak began.

“Rural communities are often left behind in these decisions because the state wants to concentrate resources in densely populated areas.  However, low-density rural communities like Orleans County are precisely those who are in greatest need of mobile testing facilities.

“Urban and suburban communities are fortunate to have a litany of doctors and hospitals in their communities, so access to testing is high.  However, rural communities like Orleans County are severely limited in their number of healthcare facilities, and therefore, their access to testing.  Adequate testing is a critical step in treating and preventing the spread of the disease, and mobile testing facility right in Orleans County would allow residents to get tested safely in their own community.

“We urge you to bring a mobile drive-thru facility in Orleans County as soon as practicable.  Thank you for your attention to this issue.  Please contact us if you with to discuss this further.”