Newfane Supervisor Talks Summertime, End of June Reassessment Will Determine Full Calendar

In a conversation with the WNYObserver, Newfane Town Supervisor Tim Horanburg broke down some revelations on a list of recently released closings from the ‘Newfane and Olcott Beach, NY Tourism’ group.

This associations oversight derives from the Town, but according to officials, a minor misstep mistakenly placed a rough draft document still in development as an official declaration of concrete closures.

Supervisor Horanburg clarified that “we are still playing it by ear when it comes to the 4th of July celebration.”  Also saying “most of the decisions for closures which do stand on that list have been made by private entities as a business decision. They are unrelated to the Newfane Town Board.” 

A recent message along with a detailed information sheet for the summer of 2020 has been released: