Caroline Wojtaszek Keeps Connected on Social Media During Campaign for Niagara County Judge

Niagara County District Attorney Caroline Wojtaszek is running for Niagara County Judge and has utilized social media to frequently connect with area residents.

In a recent broadcast, she stated, “I’ve been handling criminal cases in varying ways for over twenty years.  During that time, working as Assistant District Attorney, often times as Judge Sheldon’s Confidential Clerk, and as District Attorney.”

Caroline expanded on her experience in dealing with some of “society’s toughest issues” relative to the workings of a courtroom. 

She explained, “Some things we’ve tackled, which have really endured the test of time in our approach, have been both domestic violence and child abuse.”  Caroline added, “I have been involved in the domestic violence task force and child abuse intervention project for twenty plus years.”  She also detailed her pride in being there “at the development of these collaborations”.

Another point of pride, specialty courts in Niagara County, “To not only help the victims of crime, but try to get to the root of the problems that go on with defendants.”

Caroline pointed to the Niagara County Opioid Court, “When I saw that there was an opioid court in Buffalo, I called right away and said how do I get this court in Niagara County because I know we need it.”

Shortly thereafter, communications with Jeff Smith at the Offices of Court Administrations resulted in an opioid courts creation here in Niagara County.

Lastly, Caroline made sure to cite her work on elder abuse, mental health, and retail crime divisions created and maintained beneath her tenure as a legal professional in Niagara County.