Parker’s Pit Spreads Some Joy on a Sunny Sunday in Middleport

Mark Bruning, Owner at Parker’s Pit on Route 104 in Middleport, held a roadside display featuring free hot dogs, fully outfitted cartoon characters, and a full menu to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the establishments kitchen opening.

Mark Bruning, Parker’s Pit Owner, stands with roadside characters. His own son, Parker, played a piglet for those getting take-out Sunday afternoon.

Parker’s Pit itself has been in operation four years.  Although, Bruning has been perfecting his craft for some time, he explained, “I’ve been smoking food for about twenty years, and all of my friends and family, they had wanted me to open my own place.” 

The characters came as courtesy of ‘Dynamite Doc Entertainment’ – Owned by Kenneth Ozimek in Lockport – Free of charge.

Bruning explained his business model, “Everybody that comes here, they are company, not customers.  So, if you are a first-timer, welcome to the Parker Pit family.”