I admit it, I want a haircut, Leave ‘Karen’ alone

During this crisis, one thing seems to unify the general masses.  Something we never realized was so deeply engrained into our routine, until its sudden departure in order to slow the spread of a raging pandemic. 

It is no longer just ‘Karen’.  We all want a haircut.  Although, it has been a sacrifice that most in the area have taken with stride. 

Long hair will not kill you.  It can tickle you.  It will even scratch you at times, but death is unlikely.  Regardless, as COVID case numbers continue their decline, I would estimate that every single one of us is clamoring for a professional stylist to relieve us of our newly fashioned hair-helmets.

Some of us have taken to self-styling or recruiting our hopefully most artistic family member to fashion anything that fights back the growth. 

The results have been mixed. 

One reporter with the Western New York Observer thought his problem solved after fully shaving his head two weeks ago.  Now the hair has grown out equally in all directions, closely resembling an electrified tennis ball.  Another full shave is not preferable.  Additionally, more research on how to fade your sides is probably required. 

Until then, I imagine we will all continue with our experiments in hairdressing, but once the stylists can return to work, I am preparing a fat tip.