Schools Stay Closed — Childcare and Meal Programs Remain in Place

Governor Andrew Cuomo decided today that without proper precautionary plans in place, K-12 and college level education will remain on hold, with educators and students continuing to practice distanced learning programs.

“Given the circumstances that we’re in, and the precautions that would have to be put in place; we don’t think it’s possible to do that (the reopening of schools) in a way that will keep our students and educators safe.  So, we’re going to have the schools closed for the rest of the year.”

Governor Cuomo also noted that schools will need to present detailed plans for when they do reopen. Schools will be in charge of developing and proposing these plans for approval by the state.

Some of the questions posed by the Governor on reopening schools.

Furthermore, the Governor remarked on how these programs have proceeded thus far, up until this point, stating, “This actually worked out well — not perfectly – we had to do it in a rush.”

He added, “There were lessons that we can learn here that could change teaching going forward, and teaching in these types of situations going forward.”

Lastly, the Governor made it clear that meal programs and childcare for essential workers will continue the rest of this schoolyear.