‘Are You OK?’ System Implemented by Law Enforcement in Niagara County

The Law Enforcement agencies in Niagara County are partnering with each other to use an existing system to conduct welfare checks on residents in Niagara County.

The Lewiston Police Department has utilized the “Are You OK?” system to check on residents for quite some time and have opened up the system to be utilized countywide, starting Monday, April 27, 2020.

The system places a daily, timed phone call to participating residents to confirm that they are OK. The system works with a home based or mobile line and is free to anyone who signs up. Any resident of Niagara County wishing to be involved in this partnership is asked to make contact with the Lewiston Police Department at 716-754-8477 to register for the checks.

The information provided to the Lewiston Police Department will be entered into the “Are You OK?” system and will result in a call being placed to the resident to ensure they are ok. If no response is given, or the resident needs help, an alert will be generated and sent to the Niagara County Emergency Communications Center for a police or medical response.