Governor Makes Absentee Ballot System Open to Everyone in NY-27 Congressional Vote

Due to COVID-19, some alterations have been made by Governor Cuomo to the NY-27 Congressional vote, said Niagara’s Chairman Becky Wydysh yesterday afternoon.

The vote itself will be postponed and is currently set for June 23rd.

Another implemented change, Wydysh announced, “The Governor has made some changes to the process and is going to allow all voters to vote by absentee ballot.”  She added, “Every registered voter will automatically receive a postage paid application to receive an absentee ballot.”

Typically speaking, in normal times, the absentee ballot system is reserved for those who are traveling, or unable to leave their home due to direct injury or illness.

Wydysh wanted to be clear, “You will not receive the ballot itself unless you fill out that application and get it back to the board of elections.”  She added, echoing the Governor’s words, “The Governor wanted to open up absentee ballots to all individuals, because of the risk of contracting COVID-19, if you were to go out to the polling place.”

Lastly, regarding physical locations for voting, Wydysh noted, “Those polling places will be open to attend, the normal way, if you chose to do so.”