‘Things are not going back to normal, they are going to be a new normal,’ says Niagara’s Chairman Wydysh

“Things aren’t going back to normal. They are going to be a new normal. Certainly, here in Niagara County we are already looking at those things.”  Chairman Becky Wydysh stated on her Niagara County update earlier today.

She expanded, “We know that the new normal will probably include things like continued social distancing and other measures; like antibody testing that the Governor has been talking so much about these last few days.

Wydysh stated, these measures “are to ensure that COVID19 does not come roaring back. To make sure that as we reopen and rebuild, we aren’t just creating a second peak like in the projections.”

In addressing the impact on local business, Wydysh said, “The new normal is going to include some very tough decisions. Of course, business and family finances have been severely impacted already, and we don’t know how long it’s going to go on.”

Lastly, during these times, Wydysh referenced the Niagara County Crisis Hotline for those struggling. You can reach them here: 716-285-3515