Niagara County Sheriff’s Office Makes Birthday Visits – Promotes ‘ALL-STAR’ Program

A message from the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office:

“One of Acting Sheriff Michael J. Filicetti’s priorities during this pandemic is to stay connected with the community. Parents, teachers, children, and students are doing their best to maintain some sort of normalcy during these uncertain times and should be commended for their outstanding efforts!”

Nathan got a visit on his birthday this year.

“During a normal school day, children would have had the opportunity for a Deputy to come into their classroom to hear about our ALL-STAR (ALL- Students Taking Action and Responsibility) program or a general safety talk. Topics can range from bullying, online safety, personal safety, bike safety, communications skills to drugs and alcohol. Each topic is easily adapted to different age groups!”

Adelyn meets some of Niagara County’s finest.

“If you are a school, teacher, or parent in Niagara County who hosts a zoom/online class and would like the Sheriff’s Office to join in to talk about our ALL-STAR program, safety tips or simply say hello to the children, please let us know. You can email Lt. Daniel Zimmerman who oversees our Community Services Division at with the meeting information. We will do our absolute best to ensure we have someone from the Sheriff’s Office is there to talk with your students!”