Governor Cuomo Addresses Lessening Restrictions – Declares New York State Is Not A Uniformed , Homogenous Entity

Governor Cuomo held his daily address to the people of New York State, with a more fixated view on western New York and Erie County than usual.

Cuomo discussed the data, “We had a dramatic increase in Erie County and then basically a leveling flat, with a little uptick yesterday.”

Although, he noted, “I would not take any of these one-day numbers – even three-day numbers – as absolute.”

The Governor explained, “This is a new reporting mechanism that was just put into place. So, from a statistical point of view we don’t know exactly what the margin of error is, with all due respect to our great statisticians doing this.”

He said on decreasing downstate to upstate transmission, “We’ve been watching the spread all across the state.  Because this is like stamping out a brush fire. You need to run to where the fire is and put it out there.”

Cuomo also discussed the complexity of addressing this situation in a place with so many differing areas, stating, “This state, we have very different regions within New York.” 

According to the data, different counties have different rates of infection, and some with environments more conducive to viral spread than others.

In Erie County, home of New York States 2nd largest city, precautions and restrictions taken may need tailoring to a denser population than outlying counties.

This is reflected from the Governors announcement that hospitals can perform elective outpatient surgeries again. Although, not in the following areas. “This will not include Westchester, Rockland, NYC, Erie County, Albany County and Duchess, and several other areas.”

He added, “It’s also different across the state. We’ve been talking about states like their uniformed, homogenous entities.”

Addressing our area, the Governor proclaimed, “Western New York, I believe we are on the plateau. Alright, now the question is, how long are we on that plateau? And is it a plateau or might it still ascend?” 

Lastly, he stated on the transfer of ventilators and equipment to areas experiencing an offset peak timeline to that of downstate New York:        

“So, when downstate NY needed help, upstate NY was there. If upstate New York needs help, or western NY needs help, or central New York or the North Country needs help, the rest of the state will be there, and you have my word on that.”