‘Happy days are not here again ’ – says Cuomo while Giving Details On COVID-19

Governor Andrew Cuomo came into view for his daily disclosure of COVID-19 hospital admissions.

“The numbers appear to be descending, which would be very good news,” the New York Governor stated. He added, “It’s only three days (of data) but that’s what the numbers would seem to suggest.”

He expanded, “You see that across the board – emergency rooms having fewer people in them. Remember, they were at manic, max capacity for a very long period of time. That’s why we increased hospital capacity across the state by 50%.”

Cuomo added that ICU cases and intubations are also down. Although, he is not ready to say all-clear quite yet, proclaiming, “happy days are not here again.”  Although admissions are down, todays current total (along with the prior 2 days total) was around 2,000 new admissions per day.

This, according to the Governor, “is still an overwhelming number to have every day. This is still where we were just about in late March when it started to go up.”

Lastly, after giving condolences to the 540 people lost today, and their 540 families, Governor Cuomo stated, “We’re not at the plateau anymore, but we’re still not in a good position.”