County Chairman Gives Condolences to Families Affected by COVID-19 Deaths

“This is never easy to announce to our residents,” stated Niagara’s Chairman Becky Wydysh on reporting new COVID-19 deaths in Niagara County.

She added, “These are our neighbors who are passing away, and we send our deepest condolences and sympathies to the friends and families of the individuals lost during this difficult time,” stated Chairman Becky Wydysh on the 4 new Coronavirus deaths.

Wydysh expanded on one victim – a seemingly healthy young male, stating, “Clearly, an individual that is 31 years old with no underlying health conditions is a sad, stark reminder that COVID-19 is dangerous.”  She added, “No one is immune, and it can be fatal to anyone at any age.”

With some good news in hand, Wydysh commented on positive shifts in COVID-19 data, saying, “Hospitalizations, ICU admissions, and intubations are all down, and that is certainly the good news that we have been waiting to hear.  It has been trending that way for a few days in a row.”

The Chairman reminded residents to see the death rate through a skewed lens, with 752 deaths reported just today statewide:

“We know that’s been a lagging indicator of the current situation because those individuals who are passing have likely been on ventilators and dealing with this virus for weeks now.  So, that number will catch up even as we see things trending better as far as new numbers.”