Niagara’s Health Director Daniel Stapleton says ‘925 tests performed, ‘need 2 or 3 times that’ – Still Awaits Shipments from State

“It’s important to remember we have 67 people who have recovered.  That’s 67 people that were identified as positive and ended up having no problems and recovered fully from the infection,” stated Daniel Stapleton in a County update earlier today before addressing a shortage in testing.

Stapleton shared that the limited testing may be giving people a false sense that this virus is not truly spread throughout the county.

Current Heat Map of Niagara County

He added, “If people remember, I ordered 1,500 testing about 6 weeks ago.  I’ve still only received about a hundred.  So, testing is very limited.”

Stapleton addressed where the current tests are going,

“So far, we’ve been fortunate that we haven’t had a lot of positives from our first responders and our healthcare workers.  We want to make sure the tests are exclusively for them, and with 100 test kits (from the state), and a few more from a local hospital partner, we want to make sure those are very pinpointed to whom they are dedicated.”

Lastly, he declared, “When you look at the information that we have, 925 tests have been performed in Niagara County.  We need to get much, much higher, 2 or 3 times that before we can adequately say at any point that: Yes, the worst is over.”