Easter Takes to the Street in Medina with Cheer on Wheels and Some Holiday Characters

A Medina trio, Kim Lockwood, Michelle Crandall and Edee Hoffmeister, took Easter to the streets, giving homebound children a spark of festivity during an anything but normal holiday season.

Kim Lockwood, who often finds herself on the helping end of community events, coordinated and advertised the mini-march on social media. The turnout seemed a success, with many residents waiting outside for the scheduled drive-by of Easter characters.

Traveling through Medina, the group encountered dozens of awaiting parents and children gleeful to see something, anything really, happening in their community.

Kim Lockwood, who played the main character, stated of her involvement, “I’m just happy to see the smiles on kids faces as they see the Easter Bunny.”

Michelle Crandall (the driver) and Edee Hoffmeister (a self-proclaimed peep) said they joined in because, “It put smiles on the kids’ faces and the reaction we got was phenomenal.”