Niagara’s Chairman Wydysh Gives Updates and Data on COVID-19, Rick Updegrove Discusses Maintaining County Services

Becky Wydysh led an informative release today on LCTV, consolidating important information from both the state and county level.

Wydysh began her broadcast addressing the death toll, stating, “On the state news from the Governor, he did announce we had another highest day yet for death rate across New York State, with another 799 individuals.”

Adding perspective, Wydysh remarked, “The Governor reminded us that on 9/11 the deaths at the Word Trade Center totaled 2,753.”  She compared that figure to COVID-19, “So far, in New York State, Covid-19 has claimed the lives of 7,067 New Yorkers in these past few weeks, and that gives you really an idea of how hard hit we are by this virus.”

Wydysh shared some hope,

“He (Governor Cuomo) also told us today that hospital admissions and ICU cases continue to significantly drop, which is the good news.”

Although, she noted we should expect an increase in the rate of death, proclaiming,   “The death rate lags behind, and is higher of course because those individuals, again, have been in the hospital for a bit of time now, on ventilators, long-term, and the more likely they’re on, the less likely they are to come off.”

Lastly, the Chairman echoed Governor Cuomo’s words earlier today, “The Governor believes that this is a sign that we are starting to flatten that curve and possibly plateau in the situation statewide.”

Up next, Wydysh gave the floor to Niagara County Manager Rick Updegrove, who discussed adaptations to the day-to-day requirements of Niagara County citizens.

“The biggest challenge that we’ve been confronted with is balancing the social distancing and the executive orders that mandate staffing reductions against providing essential services,” Updegrove remarked.  He added, “We will work with the staff that we have to make sure to continue to meet those essential services.”

Updegrove lauded other County Officials efforts to maintain normal functions during these strained times, stating, “Our Treasurer’s Office is now open full-time” and “Our county clerk has done a really great job of balancing social distancing with the publics need to have access to his department.”

He added, “I just wanted to recognize them because maybe we don’t always think about those challenges that aren’t quite as obvious, but they are doing a great job.”