Superintendent for Lockport Releases Announcements – Delivers Message to Students and Parents

Lockport City School District Superintendent Michelle Bradley released a detailed letter surrounding the multiple changes taking place in education during the COVID-19 pandemic.

These were the four main announcements:

  • To reflect the executive order by the Governor, Lockport City School District will continue remote learning through spring recess. The students have been given work to last until 04/17.
  • The Board of Education will delay the adoption of a 2020-21 budget until at least May 6, 2020 (The next board meeting.)

  • The New York State Education Department has cancelled the June 2020 administration of the New York Schools Regents Examination Program.  Due to these cancellations, the State Education Department is making modifications to the assessment requirements that students must meet in order to earn high school diplomas, credentials, and endorsements.
  • Superintendent Bradley placed a call for anyone interested to donate blood at the Lockport High School East Gymnasium.  The blood drive will be held on 04/17 from 9 a.m. until 1:30 p.m.

A detailed message was also released for both students and parents:

“While a regular school day is between six to seven hours, we all know that we are not dealing with a normal school day. Because of this, we need to reframe how the day looks. We are recommending that elementary students spend at least/about 90 minutes a day on schoolwork, while secondary students spend at least/about 120 minutes a day on schoolwork.

“The remainder of the day could include such things as activities that promote creativity through arts and music, reading, keeping a daily journal, any type of physical activity (get outside and enjoy the nice weather!), exploring, researching, demonstrating acts of kindness like saying thank you to food service employees, and of course helping with household chores.

“As we have experienced, these days are less structured than a typical school day, students are needing to be more self-directed, and learning is more student centered and tailored to individual student needs. While it is almost impossible to grade work as we know it, given the current environment, student work should be considered “learning in progress”. The concepts and district policies relating to “new” learning, grading, and marking periods is being reviewed at this time by teachers and administrators in Lockport and should be resolved very soon.

“Students…I encourage you to complete assignments that are given to you, and place your focus on, “it’s the learning that counts, not so much the grade”. Take learning seriously so that when school resumes, we will be able to move forward. We expect that you are putting forth your best effort and are engaged in schoolwork on a regular basis. Continue to focus on good health behaviors like hand washing and practicing social distancing, possessing grit during these tough days because tough times don’t last, but LION STRONG people do, and expressing gratitude towards your parents, teachers, and principal. The coronavirus has caused a major disruption and certainly an inconvenience in our lives, and it will be something you will always remember. Please know that the adults in your life are here to support you as the “COVID kids”, and we want you to know that we miss you very much. We hope to be back in school before the end of the school year so that we can determine what you have learned and what support you may need.

“Parents…Thank you for making major adjustments to your daily routine. You are making the best of this situation and doing the best you can. Being a teacher is a calling, requires specialization with content, and now, teachers are high on the list of heroes. As parents, you are rising to the occasion, and as educators, we applaud you for your efforts and support of education. Please continue to check email and the website for updates.

“For now, we will remain physically apart, but powerfully together, and committed to the mission for teaching and learning in the Lockport City School District.”