Middleport Fire Officers Voted In; President Burdick Talks COVID Protocol and Growing Role of Female Leadership

The new regiment of Middleport Fire Officers asserted their roles after a brief meeting and vote earlier this week. 

The meeting of 25 took place at the banquet hall, as to give distance of 15 to 20 feet between each attending member.

Darren Burdick, President at the Middleport Fire Department, gave details, “It was business only.  We did the votes and we all went home.  Which was really unusual, usually there’s a lot of comradery.  You know, we hang around and have a bite to eat together.”

A lot has changed in only a short time, explained Burdick, expanding on new protocols the firefighters are instructed to follow, such as:

“Working with county emergency services and other neighboring fire companies to put special protocols into place.  We’re isolating ourselves in our personal lives, so we remain ready to respond to 911 calls, and that’s what we’ve been doing to protect the community.”

On another note, Burdick delivered news of an ever-increasing female membership at the M.F.D., stating,

“This is the first time we have an Assistant Chief that’s a female,” adding, “I don’t know the exact statistics, but we’re up to about 15 to 20 percent of our membership being female.  It’s something that’s grown over the past few years that we are very proud of.”

Sara Burgess took time to give her thoughts on the new promotion:

“Becoming first female Assistant Chief in the Middleport Fire Department makes me proud.  We have two females on our line this year, me and Lt. Keyes.   Two females on the line has never happened before at this fire department.”

She added, “I feel a lot more females are leading organizations, which I personally think is amazing.  I try to engage as many females in this job as possible, because there is truly a job for everyone.”