Money for ‘borrowed’ ventilators will not bring back western New York lives — says Niagara County’s Chairman Wydysh

Becky Wydysh, Chairman of the Niagara County Legislature, began her daily broadcast lamenting concerns over Governor Andrew Cuomo’s announcement this morning he will begin seizing vital medical equipment from upstate hospitals to be redistributed downstate.

“If you were watching, you are probably as concerned as I am.  I immediately started receiving phone calls from my colleagues and residents,” Wydysh said. 

The Chairman explained this executive order “would require upstate areas such as ours, to send unused ventilators to the downstate area because they have an immediate need for those ventilators, as their numbers are so high and seeing those surges and peaks, that we know are coming for us in the future.”

Chairman Wydysh remarked that the Governor cannot even rely on his own models, so how can he know when our peak will hit, and will the Governor provide the response western New York needs once required.  

Wydysh asked a prudent question, “What happens three days from now?  A week from now?  If we need those ventilators back?”

Moving on from the Governor’s looming order, Wydysh ended with a precise clarity as to her expectations:

“We need to hear the plan.  The plan of how you’re going to ensure us we will get that equipment back when we have the need ourselves.”  She urged him to construct such a plan “before you take a single ventilator.” 

Also, she reminded Governor Cuomo of citizens upstate, “No amount of money you give us for a ventilator ‘borrowed’ is going to bring back a life lost here in western New York.”