Western Orleans County Fire Battalion gathers to honor healthcare workers at Medina Memorial Hospital

Emergency vehicles from the western end of Orleans County lined up outside Medina Memorial Hospital today in a showing of solidarity for healthcare workers on the frontline during a nationwide pandemic.

Village of Medina Mayor Mike Sidari joined in by operating a Medina Fire Engine outside of the hospital.

Steve Bane, 2nd Assistant Chief for the Lyndonville Fire Company, organized the event through Facebook and text with other emergency workers eager to show their appreciation to Orleans County’s only fully equipped hospital.

“Morale is getting low and they need a little boost,” said Bane, adding, “we want to let them know how much we appreciate them with this being our main medical facility.”

Steve Bane, Assistant Chief with Lyndonville Fire Co. who launched the idea to honor county healthcare workers.

Bane said he told other Fire Chiefs in the area, “Hey guys, can we take 10 or 15 minutes out of our day and help these guys out.”  It didn’t take much convincing, “no body denied, and a couple extras jumped in as well,” Bane said on the response to his request.

Apparently, ‘Medina Strong’ or ‘Orleans Strong’ is no longer just a saying, it’s a reality.