Local ladies stitch PPE for Orleans County healthcare workers in need

A few of the many individuals preparing personal protection equipment for their local healthcare workers in Orleans County kindly took time to chat, giving their motivations to help and details on their operations.

Hannah Pollard produced 330 masks in just 9 days.  Ms. Pollard owns a ‘Catherine Street Quilts’ in Medina and responded quickly when this crisis arose, stating,

“There is a dire need in the county right now for masks.  I have been giving two free masks to any healthcare worker and just added the NYSDOC.  Those correction officers will get two free masks once they are approved.”

A mask made by Hannah Pollard — Owner of ‘Catherine Street Quilts’ in Medina.

Pollard continued, “I’m focused on Orleans County right now.  All other orders are for purchase of five dollars.  Several people in the community have come forward and donated material, such as, elastic, thread and monetary donations as well.”

Elizabeth Carpenter is another Orleans County resident placing herself on the frontline of producing personal protective equipment in times of short supply.  Elizabeth said, “I’m just doing what I can for those that have to continue to work with the public in healthcare and for those that work with the homeless.”

Masks made by Elizabeth Carpenter.

She expanded, “I am a widow living alone and it is a great way to pass the time while stuck inside.  I have used material I have collected through the years.  I bought some items, but already had most of what I needed.  My goal is at least 200 masks, but we’ll see.  I am giving them away, and there seems to be more of a need than I could have imagined.  I am just grateful to help.”

Kim Lockwood, a resident of Medina in Orleans County has been acting as a shipping director of sorts for many of these independently industrious workers, making it their mission to aid local communities in a time of crisis.

Lockwood stated on her participation, “It’s about standing strong together through this crisis.  We have delivered to Medina Hospital, Village of Albion workers, private clients (immunocompromised and the elderly), and at Orchard Manor Nursing Home.”