“Close to 18,000 meals have been provided to families” — says Superintendent Michelle Bradley of Lockport City School District

Board member Heather Hare presented a heartfelt statement during this weeks regular meeting regarding the district’s swift and decisive response to our current crisis:

“Last Monday, when our district pulled together and the amount of work that must of went into making the schools ready for this crisis.  The amount of work for schools that must have gone into that preparation.  It’s incredible.” 

Hare added, “All the teachers got together on Friday and then again on Monday and packets were ready for kids.  Their IPADs or whatever they needed for home to continue educating were available.  The meals coordination, not just having pickup points, but also delivering the meals to the areas where people may not have cars to pick up the food.”

Vice President Karen Young acknowledged the three most important results of the district’s response, “The kids are interacting with their teachers.  The teachers are interacting with each other. The kids are getting their meals.”